Services | Communication Strategist (remote, part-time)

What do we want to accomplish and why do we hire this job role?

We at Studio52 are looking for a Communication Strategist who will contribute to the development and implementation of communication strategies and plans, content communication creation and delivery, digital marketing, and related activities, in accordance with the group framework, methodology and approaches and our mission, vision and values.

What will he do every day?

  • Assist the Marketing Manager to develop a robust communication design and bring life to the strategies
  • Conducting research about the industry and client demographics to create effective messaging for campaigns
  • Developing strategies to reach target audiences
  • Using market research, develop and translate concise and quantifiable business goals into marketing communications strategies and activities
  • Develop comprehensive communications plans based on the strategic objectives
  • Ensure all products are of the highest technical standards in the areas of content, design and impact. 
  • Coordinate with creative departments to develop communication strategies.
  • Follow industry and financial trends in assessing impact of communication plans.
  • Develop design theme and overlook copywriters to make sure the frequent content does not get misaligned.
  • Create Sales copy to maximise the ROI & work together with Performance Marketer.
  • Present regular reports and releases for the staff.
  • Oversee that the projects follow guidelines and are delivered on time.
  • Supervise and estimate success of media campaigns and report them to the management regularly.


  • 4-5 yrs experience
  • Masters in Marketing (preferred)
  • Should have a sound knowledge of developing relevant content
  • Should have prior knowledge of using third-party softwares for keyword research and keywords analysis
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to collaborate with different teams


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