How to Recruit and Lead Remote Teams Effectively

Hiring a remote team can be a messy mission. You not only need people with good enough references and backgrounds, but you also need people who will be responsible and manage communication effectively with time difference being no obstacle. 

There are many benefits to hiring and running remote teams. But only if you do it with thought and strategy. Here at GoToMarket, we’ve made the process easy for numerous clients, and today we’re sharing the most important notes on recruiting and leading remote teams! 

Remote Team Recruiting

Failing to set up your recruitment conditions and expectations can be a deal breaker and lead you to a number of hiring attempts. When you want that perfect talent arriving yesterday, it’s best to spend the yesterday setting the ground layer to have the person at the door tomorrow. 

At GoToMarket we take everything into detail when interviewing clients and analyzing their needs. But here are the most important things to remember. 

Determine Positions

Having a clear overview of what positions need to be filled is the obvious one here. No point in hiring a technician to do a salesperson's job. 

Although it may be possible, hiring a precisely defined person for a precisely defined position is the perfect way to go! 

Think about education, qualifications, and specific geographical areas you’d want candidates to come from and define that ideal persona early on. Here at GoToMarket, we target each of those factors to find the ideal solution for your business growth! 

Evaluate Your Business And Where It’s Going

This one is as important as the first step. You need to give thought about your business and what you’re trying to accomplish with the new hiring. Think about what this person is going to bring. How’s the position going to improve your operations and flow? 

Maybe you’re hiring a market investigation analyst for a specific area. Probably best to hire someone who lives in that area or country. 

Here at GoToMarket, we dedicate ourselves to brainstorming such things with clients, as their business growth is our own! If you’re hiring for an area-specific position, know that we have the best talents for areas of the Middle East, the UK, and India and are working with recruits closely to track and improve their delivery. 

Define your Budget

This one is the most obvious. Companies have to think about budgets. Especially if you run a small or medium-sized business, the budget can make it or break it for you. One positive of hiring people remotely and running remote teams is cost savings. 

Not only can you save up to 40% of the budget if you hire cross country, but with GoToMarket you receive one extra money deal. If the person hired isn’t delivering as per your expectations, you get a free-of-charge replacement! If you’re a company from the UK, hiring a professional from the Middle East or India can benefit you in terms of salary as well. Generally, the pay for the remote workers is based on the standards of the talent’s own country which can come severely less than if you hired a person locally. 

Remote Team Leadership Strategy

Leading a remote team comes with its set of ups and downs. One of the biggest challenges is not being able to have physical contact or communication, sometimes for the entire relationship duration with the remote team.

GoToMarket as your staffing partner bridges this gap as well. By having our offices across the nations we hire in, we’re able to establish this physical contact with your remote team so you’re covered in this respect. 

Nevertheless, there are still some leadership guidelines that can help you lead successful remote teams! 

Set Expectations and metrics

The first step of any good collaboration (especially with the remote team) is to define ground rules and boundaries. Your position and job description should do the main work here. But we always call for more detail when actual work begins. 

Try to define weekly and monthly goals, which you can then separate even into actual daily outputs based on which you can judge the efficiency of your remote teams. No point in doing things as you go. Instead, try to give yourself some time to plan and communicate. 

This will make the whole thing that much easier, making your growth more evident and trackable. 

Consider Remote Team Management Platforms

Tools are inevitable when working remotely, especially if you’re working in the digital sector. Try out different communication tools such as Slack. A good project management tool is also a must where you can define actual tasks, study and evaluate times, etc. 

One thing about remote team management is the overall support that flows both ways. You can not only expect to be the sole leader here, as part of communication goes to a good remote workforce. Here at GoToMarket, we treasure efficient communication and you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving reports and updates from your remote team on a daily basis. 

Consider Training Options

Part of leading and raising the happiness of your remote teams is implementing internal end external training and new education. Your remote workers will be thankful for not only working for you in new fields but will be thankful if compensated with even more new skills and learning. 

This is a great way of retaining the very best remote workforce.

Reward System

As we said, one of the downsides of running remote teams is that you cannot make that great personal connection. Although at GoToMarket we do our best to achieve even this, there’s something extra you can do for the very best talents you hire remotely. 

Remote workers aren’t commuting or present any other cost than salary for your business. All of these extra commute and benefits costs that you save are best put towards rewarding the great results and work efforts. Try to devise a reward system. This will not only show appreciation for your remote team, but will make them work even better!  


Hiring and leading a remote team isn’t just a matter of setting it and forgetting it. Best to employ some of the strategic thinking and plans into it for the best results afterward. 

If you’d like to ensure that you employ only the best talents out there, go with the outsourced staffing solution! Here at GoToMarket, we aren’t only offering staffing solutions – we are making remote team management easier than ever. 

Feel free to contact us and let’s find the perfect solution together!